Richie Floyd for St. Pete City Council

We are proud to have endorsed Richie Floyd for St. Pete City Council alongside our I-4 comrades! Richie is a fighter for the working class and that is why we stand with him. Orlando DSA members have worked with Richie on campaigns, including the winning #FLFor15 campaign for Amendment 2, throughout 2020. Find out more about Richie's working class, socialist campaign for city council here.

Florida for $15

The FL For 15 coalition fought so hard for Amendment 2 and WE WON! A historic day for Florida's workers. Florida DSA chapters have won their first statewide endorsed campaign. We are so grateful to our comrades in the Fight For 15 campaign, greater labor movement, and all of DSA for their hard work for this victory. Furthermore, Amendment 2 won 1 million more votes than Joe Biden did in Florida despite it being supported by virtually only unions and DSA socialists. Florida *is* a red state, but NOT a Republican state. #FLFor15